Wellness Theme Park

Which ride are you currently on in life?

Do you want to steer clear of a crisis or know how to manage the bumps in the road?

Are you spinning in different directions?

Are you enjoying your ride and want to continue growing?

Are you headed for a drop and want to know how to get to the other side?

Mental Wellness

The Mental Wellness Theme Park was designed by Vista Academy to promote mental health, well-being, and self-care in an interactive and engaging way. The aim is to educate visitors about various aspects of mental wellness, reduce stigma surrounding mental health, and provide tools and resources for improving mental well-being. Whether you as an individual would like support on everyday life challenges, or perhaps your objective is to support staff members with mental health training, or you would like them to brush up on some vital skills such as effective communication or time management, our portfolio of training is designed to target these areas. The different Rides of Life at the Mental Wellness Theme Park can be offered online via purchase of a ride ticket below, or you contact the Academy to request in-person training.

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The Rides of Life Mental Health Talks are offered online and in-person. To access the ride online, in order to watch the Psychoeducaitonal video in your own time, purchase the online ticket through Payfast.  You will then register your details which creates your profile on our online learning platform, Moodle. Once payment is complete, you will receive an invoice and automatically be enrolled in the course on your Moodle account.

If you would like one of our trained facilitators to present a Ride of Life at your business, school or community group, kindly contact Vista Academy and we will be in touch to discuss your specific needs.


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