Tools and resources to manage stress, improve productivity, and enhance employee overall job satisfaction


Vista Academy offers employee wellness training programs that include psychoeducational presentations. These programs are designed to support the mental well-being of employees and provide them with tools and resources to manage stress, improve productivity, and enhance their overall job satisfaction.

Psychoeducational presentations aim to educate employees about various aspects of mental health, including stress management techniques, resilience building, work-life balance, mindfulness, and self-care strategies. These presentations often cover topics such as understanding common mental health challenges, recognizing signs of burnout, fostering healthy communication and relationships, and promoting a positive workplace culture.

By offering employee wellness training with psychoeducational presentations, Vista Academy seeks to create a supportive and mentally healthy work environment. These programs can help employees develop a better understanding of their own mental health and equip them with practical skills to maintain well-being both at work and in their personal lives.

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Approved target audience will vary depending on topic. May include: psychologists, psychometrists, social workers and registered counsellors. All CPD training provided by Vista Academy is accredited by the HPCSA for health professionals registered as MP/PS/PRC/PMT and PM, and CEU points will be granted as long as the training is within each health professional’s scope of practice. Courses are also accredited with the SACSSP and in some cases (upon request) training is also accredited by the CPSC.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the training you attend is within your scope of practice and that you are registered with the correct regulatory body in order to receive CPD points.


Bookings are done online via Payfast. Once you have added the specific CPD event you are interested in into your cart, proceed to checkout and complete your payment. You will then register your details which creates your profile on our online learning platform, Moodle (if you already registered your details will be loaded).. Once payment is complete, you will receive an invoice and automatically be enrolled in the course on your Moodle account.

Your Moodle account stores all CPD events which you enrol for with Vista Academy, giving you lifetime access to the presentation notes, evaluation forms, certificates and any other relevant information pertaining to the course.

Closing date for bookings is 72 hours before the CPD event takes place.


You can automatically download your certificate within the course on your Moodle profile once you meet the requirements of attending the full duration of the CPD event. It is important to make sure your registration number with your specific regulatory body, or your ID number, is listed on your profile. For health professionals registered with the HPCSA, certificates are no longer required and Vista Academy staff sends through your record of attendance directly to the HPCSA who then updates your profile accordingly. Health professionals registered with other regulatory bodies can download the certificate and present it as proof of attendance.


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