Customized training for a more focused and targeted approach. Contact us by filling the form below to discuss your requirements and goals.

Customized training allows for a more focused and targeted approach, ensuring that the content aligns with the participants’ requirements and goals. When arranging specific training for your group, it’s important to communicate your needs and expectations to the Academy. Here are some factors to consider when discussing your specific training requirements:

  • Accreditation: If your group requires accredited training, clarify this with Vista Academy to ensure they can provide the necessary accreditation or certifications.
  • Presenters: Discuss the qualifications and expertise you expect from the presenters. Consider the specific topics or areas of knowledge that are relevant to your group, and inquire whether Vista Academy has presenters who specialize in those areas.
  • Venue: Determine whether you would prefer an in-person training session or an online/virtual format. If an in-person session is preferred, discuss the venue options with Vista Academy to ensure it can accommodate your group size and any specific requirements you may have.
  • Catering: If catering services are required, communicate your preferences such as dietary restrictions or specific menu options. We can make arrangements accordingly or provide recommendations if necessary.
  • When contacting Vista Academy, be sure to provide clear and detailed information about your group’s needs, including the number of participants, preferred training dates, and any specific topics or areas of focus. This will help us tailor the training program to meet your requirements effectively.

Remember to inquire about pricing, any prerequisites for participation, and any additional support or materials that may be provided as part of the training package.


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