The Impact of Technology on Child and Adolescent Development and Functioning | Workshop | 23 Jul 2021 | 08:30–15:30

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Date: 23 July 2021

Time: 08:30 – 15:30

Venue: Zoom Webinar

Presenter: Elsa Struwig

HPCSA: 6 general CEUs (psychologists, registered counsellors, and psychometrists) and other relevant professionals (cross recognition of CEUs)
SACSSP: 3.5 CPD points

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It is a well-known fact that technology is here to stay, and along with it comes new challenges in the mental health field. There is still very little research on the effect of information technology (IT) on the emotional and social well-being of children and the results are not consistent. It is however evident that IT confronts parents, children and professionals with dilemmas of which the impact can be detrimental.

During this workshop, the effect and challenges on young children and adolescents will be looked at. Content which will be addressed includes the effects of the use of technology on the functioning of the child, as well as risk factors which might present.

This presentation will aid in the participants’ understanding of the challenges, as well as advantages, of technology. Various techniques will be presented to the participants to handle the relevant challenges, for example cyber bullying and sexual exploitation, however, the delegates will also be presented with creative intervention strategies to utilise technology as a therapeutic tool.

NB: The attainment of CEUs or CPD points does not license any professional to practise outside of their scope or competency. CPD training is intended to broaden the knowledge of professionals and does not constitute professional training. The responsibility to practise within their relevant scope remains with the professional, regardless of what CPD training they attend.