Re-wiring an (Extra-) Nervous System: A Case for Treating Anxiety Disorders using Neuropsychotherapy

R585.00 incl. Vat

Date: 21 February 2020

Time: 09:00 – 12:00

Venue: Baobab Conference Room, The Protea Hotel Centurion, Corner of Hendrik Verwoerd & Gordon Hood, Centurion

Presenter: Anthony Townsend

HPCSA: 3 general CEUs (educational, counselling, clinical, industrial & research psychologists; and registered counsellors)
SACSSP: 2 CPD points

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In a fascinating talk, Anthony Townsend explores this nuanced and intricate approach to the treatment of anxiety disorders such as panic disorder, social anxiety disorder and generalised anxiety disorder, in the hope of identifying mechanisms by which we can make anxiety work for us, rather than against us.By dissecting interaction of the neural underpinnings, genetic origins and social antecedents of anxiety, the cornerstones of the (extra-)nervous system, the psychological fingerprint of anxiety is illuminated to help de-pathologise this very human experience and improve our insight into the workings of our minds.
Using material from in-depth case studies, a general therapeutic model for the treatment of anxiety which integrates relational psychoanalysis, rational-emotive behaviour therapy (REBT) and therapeutic neuropsychology is provided for those hoping to learn how psychological research translates into the practical techniques for anxiety-management.
By investigating what is unique about anxiety as well as what binds us in a common experience, Anthony hopes to demonstrate how one can re-wire an (extra) nervous system to remind us that by thinking better, we can ultimately start feeling better…