Providing Counselling in Public Institutions: Navigating through some ethical dilemmas | Seminar | 30 Jul 2021 | 09:00–12:00

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Date: 30 July 2021

Time: 09:00 – 12:00

Venue: Zoom Webinar

Presenter: Dr Matome Jack Mashiapata

HPCSA: 3 ethics CEUs (psychologists, registered counsellors, and psychometrists) and other relevant professionals (cross recognition of CEUs)
SACSSP: 1.5 CPD points

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Individual practitioners at different levels, registered with their respective councils, are held responsible for adherence to ethical and professional conduct. This seminar will highlight the important of ethical practice and will reflect on the ethical requirements for counselling practices in public institutions.

The presentation will provide a background to ethical practice, emphasising the need for ethical conduct when providing services in public institutions, as well as highlighting some of the ethical challenges counsellors in public institutions face given the context in which services are provided at various public institutions such as hospitals, schools, universities, etc. There are ethical challenges that emanate from a number of factors, ranging from clients’ expectations to intra-institutional referrals from other units, technology and other logistics.

Oversight by institutional management and having to deal with internal and external professionals in addition to significant others all present ethical dilemmas. Counsellors find themselves at the centre of all these factors, which will be discussed with examples from practice. Some ethical dilemmas facing counsellors in public institutions will be illustrated, and recommendations on how to deal with these dilemmas based on the ethical requirements will be provided.

NB: The attainment of CEUs or CPD points does not license any professional to practise outside of their scope or competency. CPD training is intended to broaden the knowledge of professionals and does not constitute professional training. The responsibility to practise within their relevant scope remains with the professional, regardless of what CPD training they attend.