Career Counselling: The Past, Present & Future

R585.00 incl. Vat

Date: 12 June 2020

Time: 09:00 – 12:00

Venue: Old Trafford Conference Room, The Centurion Hotel, 1001 Lenchen Avenue North, Centurion

Presenter: Prof. Zak Nel

HPCSA: 3 general CEUs (educational, counselling, clinical, industrial & research psychologists; registered counsellors; and psychometrists)
SACSSP: 2 CPD points

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In this fascinating presentation by renowned professor, Zak Nel, he will focus on new trends and tendencies in the world of work in a post-modern age. Further to this, necessary attention will be given to how a professional counsellor can assist both young and old in finding their way in an ever-changing and shifting job-market. The development of three critical counselling skills will also feature strongly.
Upon completion of this seminar, practitioners will have gained:
• An understanding of new trends and tendencies in career counselling,
• Insight into the ever-changing and shifting world-of-post-modern work,
• A mastering of focused interviewing and communication techniques,
• A grasping of psychometric and neuro-science results, and
• Insight in how to use information in post-modern career counselling.